The Journal of Jewellery Research (JJR) is a peer-reviewed online and open-access publication that focuses on the design, theory and praxis of jewellery studies. It promotes jewellery research into materials, techniques, technologies, methodologies, processes, concepts and aesthetics. The journal provides an interdisciplinary arena for the discussion and analysis of jewellery. This spans conceptual, practical, pedagogical and cultural contexts across both contemporary and historical timeframes and at the intersections between jewellery and other disciplines. We aim to publish original papers that have demonstrable research and a clear contribution to existing knowledge – to this end we foster submissions from practitioners, researchers, theorists, curators, and historians.

Reflecting the creativity of the field of jewellery we encourage formats of paper that harness and champion the power of the visual in balance with text, rather than as supplementary to it (in addition to a more traditional paper format). The constructive break from conventional journal formatting enables us to nurture research reporting that foregrounds the materiality of jewellery research, placing artefacts and processes of practice centre stage. We ask authors firstly to consider how best to document the realities of research practice and secondly to challenge expected mechanisms for disseminating and translating research to broader audiences through the communicative power of combining and interweaving image and text in innovative ways.

Authors may chose between two paper types: A) Conventional Papers and B) Visual / Textual Papers.

The Journal of Jewellery Research is now open to receive submissions. Our Call for Papers contains submission details for each type of paper and offers examples of Visual / Textual Papers to suggest ways in which this may be achieved.

Our aim is to expand our horizons as the journal grows and in time we will include conference reports, exhibition reviews, book reviews, symposia reviews etc.

The Journal currently publishes one issue per year as an online format.