Volume 1 – March 2018

We hope you will enjoy this first volume of the Journal of Jewellery Research. You can download the full first volume by clicking the link below or if you prefer individual articles.

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Editorial – Roberta Bernabei, Jayne Wallace, and Sandra Wilson

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1) Christoph Zellweger

Of Carats and Calories. An Artistic Exploration About Bodies, Rituals and Norms.

Download JOJR vol 1 – Zellwegger


2) Nantia Koulidou

Why Should Jewellers Care About The “Digital” ?

Download JOJR vol 1 – Koulidou


3) Kathy Vones

Materials Libraries – A Jeweller’s Perspective

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4) Stephen Bottomley

The Adorned Afterlife Research Network

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5) Gitte Nygaard and Josephine Winther

Makers Move – Jewellery As A Medium Of Exchange

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