5. Teaching Jewellery in higher education

Studies concerned with jewellery teaching in higher education are typically conducted by researchers who operate in design pedagogy and design research, although there are exceptions in the craft research. We therefore aim to shift the focus of research onto the specificity of jewellery teaching in higher education. Our intention is to increase knowledge and understanding of best practice and new approaches teaching and learning in the realm of jewellery. Papers are sought that identify strengths and weaknesses in contemporary teaching practice, potentially reflecting the expansion of digital design and production.

Research questions might highlight innovative methods that nurture design and making problem solving skills, engender technical competence and encourage the exploration of new materials and dynamic form generation. Investigations might analyse: the role and function of drawing by hand in jewellery, teaching and learning jewellery, the impact of social media in jewellery teaching today, the effective of implementation of digital technology in the teaching of practical skills, the impact upon jewellery teaching of jewellers becoming co-creators in product designs or participatory projects.

Keywords: teaching jewellery, CAD CAM, practical skills, making, maker, co-creator