4. Commercial Jewellery Design

Commercial Jewellery Design is based on the relationship between design project and production, distribution and communication within a business context.

When considering jewellery that is designed to be made en-mass, in quantity, or in limited edition for a commercial audience it is related to the process that connects creativity with manufacturing, aesthetics with business and tradition with innovation.

We welcome papers that discuss the ways in which creativity connects with manufacturing and aesthetics connects with business. For example how conceptual meanings have been connected with innovative materials and technologies – where considerations of the reproducibility of the object and its relationship with the body and the wearer has been a constant concern. Furthermore, we encourage a debate around the relationships between commercial jewellery design and other contexts of jewellery (art jewellery, contemporary jewellery practice). Within this theme we envisage papers that discuss dynamics of how and whether preciousness is expressed in terms of immaterial values rather than intrinsic ones.

Keywords: immaterial value, innovation in materials, reproducibility and the body, production, distribution, communication, business