8. Jewellery and memory

Jewellery and memory are closely related. We encourage submissions that interrogate this topic from different perspectives. For example: jewellery as a personal expression of loss; jewellery to support people with memory loss; jewellery that commemorates and demonstrates belonging to a group or specific stages of our lives, and jewellery that evokes memories of happiness. How is memory dealt with in contemporary jewellery? How can new technologies help in creating jewellery that functions as a remembrance of places, people and events? How can memory be imbued into a wearable object and act as a trigger for these memories?  How can personal and collective memories in jewellery impact the treatment of memory related illnesses?

There is of course a suggestion in foregrounding memory that remembering is always a positive dynamic. We acknowledge that forgetting is also valuable to us as humans and enables us to get through certain experiences and move forward. In our digital age where there is an obsession in capturing data and where our digital footprints across the world via the internet are not ours to delete we encourage papers that focus on the values, dynamics and potentials of jewellery and forgetting.

Keywords: memory, forgetting, sign, signifier, communication of self, conduit to something ‘other’